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Zemax Optic Studio 14 Crack




This groundbreaking new feature will empower designers to explore possibilities quickly and effectively, with a cost-effective entry into the field. Explore a variety of lenses and lens shapes to create custom optics for X-ray instruments. Create a lens with rotational symmetry to get a "free" set of X-ray optics. Bundle multiple optics together into a focusing set, applying both translational and rotational symmetry. Use an algebraic matrix solver to optimize focusing parameters for a specific geometry. Adjust the focal length, asphericity, and tolerance value to the native cell dimensions of your x-ray machine. Step-by-step tutorial guides (video and PDF) Accurate ray tracing of X-ray optics Focus on a single lens (i.e. no "focusing sets") Understand the underlying theory of X-ray optics Discover the physics of X-ray optics Design fast, robust, and accurate ray tracing of X-ray optics in the most comprehensive software for x-ray optics to-date. Virtual Prototype Design View projections and ray traces of your X-ray optics Visualize in any dimension Implement a large number of practical optical designs to generate a wide range of test results Reliable Source Data Algebraic ray tracing of X-ray optics in native dimension Integrated source data access Optimize parameters based on native cell dimensions of your x-ray machine Customize a broad range of optical surfaces to the geometry of your instrument Optimized Library Draw a lens with optimal fit to your x-ray optics Use the largest and most accurate library of X-ray optics to-date Use the best available source data to model your X-ray optics Create a native dimensional lens Optimize parameters for a custom-machined lens Simulate optics with rotational symmetry Customize an X-ray lens with various optical surfaces Advanced Ray Tracing Optimize your optics in an algebraic matrix solver Optimize lenses with spatial symmetry Create the ultimate focusing set Simulate focusing sets for arbitrary lenses Modify a lens to have a specified focal length and asphericity Optimize a lens that meets system performance requirements Customize your X-ray optics Download a PDF of the source



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Zemax Optic Studio 14 Crack

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